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Folder Options

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I am new here after just reading about ReactOS on Slashdot. It's just what I have been wanting, a different version of Windows to run in my VM's

OK, so I have installed ReactOS, setup networking and grahpics, audio etc.

I have just gone to configure the Folder Options in Explorer by going to "Folder Options" in control panel. However I am not able to select any of the options in the View Tab. Is this by design or do I need special permissions first~?

Also, I would like all the files in the right pane to be in the view of Details, however after selecting "details" view and go else where it is back to Large Icon view.


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Re: Folder Options

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Welcome to the forum!

For better or worse, both of the issues you noted are known. They will be addressed when a dev gets a chance to look into them, but for the time being, there are larger issues to be addressed.

Folder Options View tab:

Folder views don't stay:

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Re: Folder Options

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Folder options got much love the last weeks. I believe that you are using the release version so I'd suggest to try again with a recent one from
There is a good chance that your problem is at least partially solved.

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