Error installing from ISO Image 2018

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Error installing from ISO Image 2018

Post by jade206 »


I haven't found something like that in the forum so i just thought it might be good to ask here.
I'm trying to install on a secondary computer from an ISO, but the boot messages on the blue screen tell me the following things:

Initializing blue.sys...
Bug detected (code 7b param 0 0 0 0)

Frames: <ntoskrnl.exe: c222> <ntoskrnl.exe: c242> (C0098C30) <ntoskrnl.exe: e970> <C00994FA> <ntoskrnl.exe: 1140>

then the system halts, the LED of the floppy drive is turned on.

The System is very old, it's a Pentium 2 with 400 Mhz, 256 MB of Ram and an Intel Chipset. The Graphic Adapter in it is a Matrox G200 Card.

thanks in advance

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Re: Error installing from ISO Image 2018

Post by ThFabba »

Hi there.
Are you trying out a BootCD or a LiveCD?

If it's a BootCD, you presumably managed to complete the first stage of setup (white-on-blue text mode installation that asks about partitions and such). In that case, the error means that ROS was unable to access the disk that you installed on. This could happen because there's a bug in ROS and it doesn't support your IDE/SATA controller. It would be useful to know exactly what chipset your machine is using.

If it's a LiveCD, it somehow fails to read from the CD. This is relatively rare and is most commonly caused by trying to boot from USB (which is not yet supported). It could also be a chipset we don't support right, though.

Also let us know whether you're trying the 0.4.8 release or one of the daily builds from (and which one).

If your machine has a serial port, it could be useful if you attached a null modem cable and recorded the debug output from it ( ... rial_cable). The resulting debug log would automatically answer questions about the ROS version, your chipset and which way you're trying to boot.


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