Installing on P4i45E ,P4P800

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Installing on P4i45E ,P4P800

Post by USERPC01 »

How to install ReactOS on P4i45E,P4P800, other Old Socket 478 motherboards with IC4-ICH6, with supporting SATA drives?

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Re: Installing on P4i45E ,P4P800

Post by florian »

"Design" is the wrong forum because you're asking a support question...

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Re: Installing on P4i45E ,P4P800

Post by ThFabba »

The answer is: the same way that you install it anywhere else. By booting from the bootcd.
If it doesn't work, that's a bug. You might want to obtain a debug log ( ... t_messages) and file a ticket at (same login as this forum).

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