ROS first live boot on my machine

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ROS first live boot on my machine

Post by laurflorin »

Hi. Here is my experience with React 0.4 (final) on my hardware.

I have included the hardware specs in the archive.

Couldn't enter debug to get a backtrack. I either got BSOD or the DVD simply won't boot.
Managed to capture screen debug but I don't know how useful that can be. I reckon it's better than nothing though.

I have archived everything and uploaded it here: ...

Note that prior to booting I have disabled any advanced settings in BIOS (as much as I could - HDD to IDE, no UEFI, CSM, disabled all processor advanced features
and the motherboard features etc.)

Hope this helps. :)
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Re: ROS first live boot on my machine

Post by jonaspm »

You are right :) it's better than nothing!

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