UNIATA Hangs when BIOS set to "sata ide combined mode"

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Re: UNIATA Hangs when BIOS set to "sata ide combined mode"

Post by Webunny » Sat Dec 13, 2014 9:25 pm

milon wrote:
Webunny wrote:
A butt report. :twisted:

Now, it does seem we're on the same wavgelength for once, though I would like to maybe extend it a bit. I would suggest to establish a semi-official system whereby routined people on the furom whom already have a password and already made JIRA-reports, could and would paste - in a structured processed way, the bug reports of newbies, or those who can't or won't go through the official JIRA process.
I've actually been pondering the same thing. My Jira account is defunct, so I haven't been able to attempt/test anything. The two ideas I'm thinking about are a wiki page solution (easy, but good luck getting people to follow format) or a GUI app with menus etc that matches the inputs Jira asks for. The GUI could log in and post the bug for the user, or else email the data to someone who can. This is what I would attempt to code if my Jira account was working. This approach is technically better, but opens the door to all kinds of spam & duplicates.

Both seem viable options, but the former can be done without any hassle, while the latter can't. But of course, both have advantages and disadvantages, as you said.

Of course, people (newbies) who come here, have the tendency to post their bugs just in the forum (as we can readily see), and some can't or won't go through the jira-account-process. One could, of course, give a link to those, to the things you suggested, or one could simply also make a sticky and ask that they fill their forum-bug-report in, in a structured manner, so the regulars who managed to get a JIRA-account can copy/paste it in JIRA. The advantage of that would be it's very low-treshold and casual bugreporters on the forum would get their bugs see treated as well. The downside is, of course, that it's more labour intensive, especially for the regulars. Then again, if we were with a group willing to do it, it wouldn't be all that much work. That said, the first suggestion should still be to try JIRA, of course. But if it's really not feasible for some reason, and the bug is important enough, it's strange if we would just let it sink away in forum-posts and do nothing with it. What's your opinion on that?

The wiki and the GUI are also good suggestions, but, especially for the latter: who is going to make it? I doubt it's going to be the devs/PR. I even doubt devs could be convinced to have a look at a wikipage, if there were bugs mentioned there. This would be yet another community effort which they wouldn't see much worth in, I'm afraid. Nothing new under the sun there. But it does mean, if they won't see any value in it again, you'd have to get it in JIRA somehow. So, we either do it manually from the forum or that wikipage, or someone needs to make a GUI and automate that.

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Re: UNIATA Hangs when BIOS set to "sata ide combined mode"

Post by milon » Sun Dec 14, 2014 4:17 am

That was a well thought out response, Webunny.

I have a tendency to over-engineer solutions to minor problems, and I think that's what happened here. I have often seen people shy away from JIRA, and I was trying to solve that. There are several ways to engineer a solution, but the real issue is not a technical one but a human one. And that's not something a GUI (etc) can solve. You asked what my opinion is. After further thought, my opinion is that JIRA and the forum are good enough. Jira handles the technical end, and the forum handles the human end. No further engineering is required. Especially if the more experienced ROS testers help out with JIRA reports.

Edit - Apologies for taking this thread so far off topic. If I feel this needs more discussion, I'll use a new thread for it.

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Re: UNIATA Hangs when BIOS set to "sata ide combined mode"

Post by Zombiedeth » Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:47 am

I'm happy to report that both issues i was experiencing are resolved in livecd-66553-dbg.

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