hello I have a queston about drivers

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hello I have a queston about drivers

Post by andreadixon »

Hi I'm new here and just want to ask. Would windows xp drivers work fo reactos or where can I find drives at. Thanks so much and this is a really cool. Thanks :D

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Re: hello I have a queston about drivers

Post by erkinalp »

Windows XP drivers will work, however, we will have different built-in driver set., which us going to be probably broader than MS'.
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Re: hello I have a queston about drivers

Post by DOSGuy »

To clarify, it is the goal of the ReactOS developers that ReactOS should support all Windows XP/2003 drivers. Since ROS is currently in alpha stage, compatibility with all, or any specific Windows XP driver, is not guaranteed.

As far as drivers shipping with ReactOS, it's not really possible to say what drivers will ship with ROS since a full (non-alpha/beta) release of ReactOS is likely several years away. It is unlikely that ROS will ship with more drivers than Windows for reasons of legality, manpower, and a desire to keep ISOs small (modern versions of Windows ship on a DVD, whereas ROS ISOs can fit on a CD). At the moment, ROS only automatically supports a small set of common, lowest common denominator hardware, which is usually the hardware necessary for compatibility with virtualization suites (VirtualBox, etc.). To get ROS running with any other hardware will usually require you to download drivers for Windows XP/2003, which may or may not work at this time.
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