P6T Deluxe Driver install

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Re: P6T Deluxe Driver install

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Sorry but I have to drop off this thread and drop off ReactOS, so no more hardware testing and now more offer of help...Sorry.
You guys need to stop bickering and start fixing bugs and add more function to your project.

-------------- But what you need most of all is to report to me as your manager --------------

FYI, I have been in IT before it was called IT, about 45 years.
I have designed and built my own 12 bit CPU and written and OS for it before most of you where even sperm.
I have developed on operating system and written in languages that I guess few of you have even heard of never mind worked on.
I have lived in five countries and worked in over twenty five countries.
I guess I did that because the people that employed me though I was best man for the job.
I didn't whine and whinge I got on with it and that is what needs to be happening in ReactOS.
So guys and gals I wish you luck at ever getting to release 1.0, your going to need it.

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Re: P6T Deluxe Driver install

Post by Webunny »

Z98 wrote:
Webunny wrote: there is no way one could come to the conclusion it was about filing patches to JIRA.
We've been trying to get through to you that you cannot assume this. You have continued insisting that no one could misinterpret you. Most of your arguments have centered around bringing in lots of additional context that were not present in your original post. Most of our arguments have centered around what is immediately present in your post and what a person might conclude without that additional context because they will reach at least a preliminary conclusion without looking for more details. That preliminary conclusion can and will color any further conclusions they make even when they are introduced to additional information. If Amine and Victor had not jumped on that post, would you have ever clarified yourself? Since you seem incapable of acknowledging that this might be a problem, we have little confidence in your ability to not cause future misunderstandings since you have made it clear that you will continue posting information based on the same set of assumptions that produced the first problematic post.
But I DID adapt my post the second time. With the first, you complained I linked to the jobpage, thereby giving the wrong impression. Now, I didn't link to it: you still complain. The first time, you said it could be mistaken to mean that one couldn't even file a patch with JIRA, this time, I said in front the suggestion of help has nothing to do with JIRA; you still complain.

However, it's true that I do not accept the premise that the jobpage, or direct coding, is not a way to help ROS, and so can't be mentioned as a way of helping ROS; that makes no sense at all. If the argument is that it's *the way* I use it - like you do with my use of 'direct coding' that you find doesn't cover the load, see below.

If you want more details on what we took issue with in this topic, sure.
Webunny wrote: 1)Are software engineers and people capable of coding in C and C++ good potential candidates for the jobpage or or other direct coding with commit access?

Yes, they are.
No they are not. And this is a blanket statement I would make about any newcomer. Having a background in software engineering or C/C++ programming says nothing about a person's suitability for working on the project. Amongst all of the developers that have participated in ReactOS, we have had people start with the project without any programming experience. We have also had people who had programming experience but whose first significant experience with C/C++ was this project. Background says very little about whether they are "good" potential candidates. The only thing a person's background experience does is tell the project how much or how little bootstrapping they might need before they are productive, not how well they would do once they actually start contributing. After that, an individual's own competence and dedication plays a far greater role in determining whether they are candidates for commit access or development contracts. Since my conclusion on this point is the complete opposite of yours, none of the additional arguments you have made about bringing up the jobs page in this topic work, since they're all underpinned by that original point. So however logical you may think your position is, if the first assumption is undercut, then the rest of the arguments that relied upon it no longer work.

You do know what the word 'potential' means, right? If one would need to search for potential candidates, would you be more, or less likely to find them with people that are software engineers and can code in C or C++, then of people who can't code? Is it even possible to get commit access if you can't code?

Anyway, I was more interested in your response to this:

"As for your insistence that 'ROS coding' or 'direct coding' or 'commit access' is not clear enough (even when linking to that jobpage, and even when saying it's not about filing JIRA patches, etc.), then let me ask: how would you describe it, then? I'm asking you for the exact definition or term that you would use, when describing what I want to describe (and I think you know what I mean, even if you say I'm not clear on it). I'm talking about the level of direct coding, with commit access, where you first need to prove yourself (aka, need to fulfil some prior conditions BEFORE being granted that right). Obviously, that can't be 'filing patches with JIRA'. So what is the correct nomenclature, according to you?"

It also pertains directly to your remark above.

@imk: sorry to hear that, imk. I myself had the impression you were quite capable and understood the differences in the several aspects of coding/helping, rest assured. I hope you will reconsider anyway, and maybe you/we can have the topic of the HW testing to the page meant for it (without all this side-talk) here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12924 or here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13261.

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Re: P6T Deluxe Driver install

Post by vicmarcal »

Topic closed.
You got on my nerves.
Thanks. Again.


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