List hardware that works with React OS 0.2.8

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List hardware that works with React OS 0.2.8

Post by Grimmy »


Starting a thread where we can list all configurations that works with React OS 0.2.8.
Please feel free to list your config and how well its working.

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Post by kokodin »

on my hardware versions from 0,2,5 to 0,2,8 work fine

mb asus tuv4x (without ac97)
intel celeron tualatin processor 1,1ghz
384mb ram pc133
old caviar harddrive (400mb)
ps2 mouse/keyboard (com mouse is working straenge)
sb 4.1 digital (is not working)
network adapter 3com 905 tx
liteon cdrw (ltr-52327s)
unnown floppy :P

i waiting for 03 version to check them :D and mayby use

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better than this thread (no, really)

Post by menn »

fridl has a site/database devoted to this. please, it's already useful - go fill it up with specs of stuff that's working! ... y_list.php

it's not complete yet - but there is a place you can put notes i think. put the specs other than for instance your processor in the other notes part of the form until fridl has the rest working (that won't make him too mad i hope)

also see:
the one for software is working fully. best reactos data that isn't on the official reactos site.

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