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Dual Boot

Post by Straif »

Can someone explain how I set up a dual boot with XP Pro and ReactOS? I know how to change my boot.ini to have two installations of XP Pro but I just don't know that it would work the same way for ReactOS. I'm a gamer so keeping windows is a must until ReactOS supports DirectX games...
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Dual Booting

Post by TOTMS »

Erm, well I must say you are brave. It is possible (I did it using 0.2.5.) I would recommend not doing it though.

There are two good ways of getting ROS running without risking your present setup. (Also if you screw up the MBR in NTFS you are well... screwed - best spent weekend ever :( )

1. Install to an old/external harddrive
2. Install to a qemu image

Both of these methods are covered in other posts!
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Post by ThePhysicist »

In my 2nd PC I have one HDD with WinXP / NTFS and one HDD with ROS / FAT32. I thought ROS would only boot from HDD1 (I'm not sure if this is true anymore?), so I changed my harddrives. ROS on primary master, XP on secondary master. I put the bootloader on floppy and told my BIOS to boot from 2nd hdd. Works fine! Without boot floppy XP starts as normal, with ROS boot floppy ROS starts. I didn't even have to change boot.ini. It takes some seconds more to boot from floppy, but it's ok for me.
You can also write the bootloader to HDD, then you would have to change BIOS boot settings before booting ROS.
This is just one way of a few, I think, if your BIOS supports booting from 2nd HDD and I think most BIOSes do.
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Post by Silente »

Hello everyone, my name is Vittorio.
I installed on a laptop WinXp.
Now i am wondering if i can install and boot ROS in a SD card with no problems for my previous XP installation.

Keep up the good work, you are great!
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Post by GreatLord »

wait until 0.3.2 release it will maybe support booting windows nt4/2000/xp/2003 direcly without using windows bootblock or ntdlr.
u will be avail boot windows with freeldr. (maybe)
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Mojo and ROS?

Post by tomleem »

Could one accomplish somethng similar (to the above) with Mojo and ROS? :?:

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Post by jorl17 »


I gave an answer in that topic. Maybe it can help, maybe not... For me, it ws just perfect and, currently, I'm booting a WinXP Home, ReactOS (Reinstalled once a day because of my changes) and Linux.

Good luck, hope I've helped, tell me if I did.
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Try Gag dualboot loader

Post by punth »

Try Gag Dualboot ! Reading manual on his website.


It has many language in main screen.

I ask the developer to make selection Reactos on Gag's Main menu for new version..
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Post by nos »

You could also use XOSL for 2 hard drives. I have got XOSL on the same drive as ReactOS. Boots with no problems

To install.

Xosl can be in a directory on the ReactOS drive or on a floppy startup disk.
Install it from the command promt of a Dos, Win95 or Win98 startup disk

Make sure you don't install it to your XP drvie

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Don't Dual boot

Post by fzerox »

I know some of you guys are eager, and so am, but ROS is not at the stage to be doing dual boot atm.

My advice is to get the QEMU version, or even the Virtual PC for Microsoft.
(Dont listen to the os's you need to have, you can install on a normal xp although you wont have support and for the guy with xp pro their is support avalible for you) This will work as good as it being really installed. (There is a proformance hit but ROS is only in alpha so it doesn't matter)
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Post by Z98 »

ROS doesn't work on VPC.
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Post by fzerox »

I kind of got it to work, i installed it and then when it loads up is crashes on the page where all the files are being loaded, I just though this was because I had a not supported OS host or because my PC was dual processor ( even though in heinseight that sounds like rubbish).

But anyways i still think at the moment a dual boot is very riskey, for one there isn't a certanty that the install cd will boot atm. QEMU and the other emulator are the best solutions as again your not going to be using seriously taxing applications atm.

Also what is the Bootloader for ROS or does it operate of the MBR, because Grub I think would be a good bootloader. I dont like GAG as it doesn't recongnise my linux parition on the swap!
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