Install/updating a driver....

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Install/updating a driver....

Post by Alahndro »

So, i again managed to install ros on my notebook and forgot to have the drivers ready on 3rd stage.

Is there any way to install driver inside ros that works???

- I rebooted to get the new hardware wizard to reappear: it doesn't
- looked inside devicemanager: no driver option available
- I tried hardware wizard in system settings: the unknown devices are listed, but you can't change drivers for them
- I tried the Install option in the right-click context menu: nothing happens

But i know that for example the guest additions setup for virtualbox can install its driver. What functons or command does it call??

So I tried the most basic approach: "rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 device.inf"

First from the driver folder on my home partition, the command didn't show any error messages, but there was no file copied into the system folders and no driver installed.
Then i copied the files manually into the driver and inf folder and called the command from within there - no result!

I rebooted once to be sure - nothing

If the rundll32.exe way had worked, i would write some batch scripts to spare the manual tipping evertime I test reactos.

Soooo, any options left???

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Re: Install/updating a driver....

Post by Haos »

As you can see on our Wiki, there are two methodes: slipstreaming driver files to ReactOS iso (you need to compile from source) or New hardware wizard that should pop up for every device without a driver. Rundll should also work but i never really tested it. All depends on little details, for which i have not enough information.

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Re: Install/updating a driver....

Post by mametoc »

That wiki help results a mess to me.

Do you have done it Alahndro?.

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Re: Install/updating a driver....

Post by Alahndro »

Questions to Devs:

Does the entry in HKLM/Softare/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/DevicePath work?

I tried to find a way how to teach windows where it can find new drivers on my machines, i've added the path in the above string:


So after a fresh install of reactos i'd just start a .reg patch to change the entry and after restart it should find the drivers there automatically?!

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