Hard drive size

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Hard drive size

Post by Shagpile »

What is the minimum size hard drive currently required by ROS and are there any future plans to keep it below a specific amount.

For example, puppy linux is great but rather than being able to add all the programs afterwards it has absolutely loads pre-installed onto it. Then it has the option of downloading more using the online installer.

A completely modular installation would be good just to keep it all looking tidy.

Everybody wants firefox but I dont like solitare. I don't want the effort of going through everything deleting the things I dont want and will never use. Just dont put them on in the first place. :)


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Package Manager

Post by Jaix »

Well, this is exactly what we are aiming for, so have hope and read through this:
Package Manager
But remember, this project is in alpha stage, so for now you have to deal with some test-software until everything is more mature.

Here you can see the suggestioned software to be included in ROS in the future: http://www.reactos.org/wiki/index.php/P ... nager_Tree

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Post by mikedep333 »

I'm pretty sure ROS .2.8 will install to a 75 meg or so partition without trouble.

It only uses 45 megs or so right after the install.

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Post by Mrkaras »

the install should give you the options of witch componants you want. like ms office install and windows install. I don't think the install is near ready for this yet (not actualy very many unnesecery componants at the moment).

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Post by Sarocet »

It is not necessary to give you the chance to select them from the install.
We could have on the install CD an index of software to (un)install. So, only with the CD you would get a clean OS.
Then you run the installsoft program from the CD and select what you want to install. You can always install it later, or uninstall it simply from the CD. And the loader doesn't need to give you the install options, as the CD-programs manager will run over the OS, not directly from CPU.
The only minimal change to install would be to add by default on the registry that program installer to run first time (not needing to search it on the CD). I think it'd be on RunOnce :roll:

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