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Suport Questions

Post by MadDoggyca »

First off I'm new to this os and before downaldingi t I wanted to know a few things..

first off its telling me I can install any device ie

digital camra
and other hardwere using xp drivers right out of the box?

second thing

can it install and fully use
Driect X
Open GL

3rd thing

I'm running a

AMD Duron 1.4
40gig Hd
128mb ATI Radeon 9200
built in sound and nic
USB 2.0 IDE card
onbard usb.

will it all install right?

thanks for your time
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Post by Sami »

ReactOS is alpha software that is under developement. That means, it is not ready for every day use. If you are willing to help the developers of ReactOS you can try to install it to your computer and test if the programs and hw you are using is working. After that you can share your test results with developers.

Just remember, do not use it to anything important :!:

Happy testing experiences :)
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Post by GreatLord »

We have got some kind of directx support, it is limit support egunt getting mouse, keyboard working with games that can use opengl. but the game/s can still fail on some unimplment api or a bug.

I am working on getting directdraw hardware acclartion
with some people now. and the result is pretty good now.
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Post by MadDoggyca »

oh and what aobut that driver install part?
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