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Post by Dominik »

like the new look, but I think the star menu must be improved and the windows must look like I saw on wiki, using a flat buton theme whit ROS color scheme, also the star menu bar must look like that.
The style posted by mf is only a short preview how a user could make his ROS look like when it's completely skinnable in version 1
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Post by HUMA2000 »

Yes! Look great ;)
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Post by forart »

Sorry, link doesn't work
page source (last one called 'Gateway Computers - Free set containing 2 icons')

Preview: [ external image ]
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Post by sfinx »


that is absolutely fantastic work!!

It is amazing what a "few graphical modifications" can do...

I personally think this should be implemented right away. I too vote for an adressbar instead of an icon in the explorer.

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Post by MadRat »

You've got good taste in colors there, Dominik.

I suggested awhile back to make it more like XP with a smidgeon of IceWM and KDE element added:

[ external image ]

Bond007s had an interesting XP'ish start menu approach:

[ external image ]

Perhaps you should review some of the conversation in this thread: "The Importance of UI"
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Post by Viator »

Lots of icons can be found at kde gnome and xfce look sites under icons ofcourse
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Post by cmoibenlepro »

Bond007s had an interesting XP'ish start menu approach:
Yes, that's an interesting start menu...

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Post by Floyd »

i hate the start panel.
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Post by Gasmann »

Wow, this is really amazing, Dominik! Could I have this wallpaper, please :)
I like it so much :wink:
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based on icons XPize -(hosted on the forum)

Post by -I- »

[ external image ]

please dont get me wrong on this.. because it is absolutely NOT ment as negative critisizing, just my opinion, and sugestions to how i see it could be improved....

note: im asuming HTML3 of wich i will speak doen't support <aplets> <scipt> and <style> yet (if im wrong in this (i haven't been able to access the w3c site (For network dificulties), pleas think of an older version of the standard that doesn't like 2.0 of 1.0)

To start: what i like and dislike about microsoft windows.....

I realy like the information bar, wich was introduced (in think whas in window 98, it had a nice claudy background and some realy neat options to show us...

so, i figured, it should also be intergraded with Ros-explorerd
BUT: I think it shouldn't be a realy full blown Web intergreation but rather a (custom, strippeddown html-3 enabled (no javascript no css and other shit) version. and also it should be unable to access any form of http or other external networking protocol.

but appart from that, i think We ALL know what went wrong with Windows in the first place, - ask any devoloper or it-profesional how safe it is to intergrate a browser in the operating system. so i realy think that if for any reason you nead html intergration id have to say go for a html 3.0 compatible renderer and (fix bugs if you nead so, but stick to that sinse it doesn't support Java, Javascript or stuf like that ....

now if whe go along with this and desid that since MS IE - isn't Opensource and MS doesn't allow redistributes of it, you nead to think of an good alternative, (id prefer mozilla), but just as pre-installed aplication rather than OS-intergrated.

but what would happen with ms-helpfiles. (since a lot of 3rd party sofware builders juse them), when IE isn't installed, i think there should be a aplication (as default in the OS) called helpreader.exe that is able to open and read the files like chm and hlp ....

i realy think should at least NOT be a part of the explorer - but a stand-alone aplication instead...

but i must say, with a few of such mods, i guess it would be a Brilant os,
(small in size, looking at it, probebly with ever stay below 100megs of hdd-install space). and without Browser intergration it would probebly also quite a bit safer than Windows. GOOD JOB ALREADY ....

So here is when ill start using it (and concider it to be a Rockin good OS).
(bwt: be sure that ill start getting to work on testing this).

> Either mozilla Suite, or both firefox and thunderbird, should run on it.
> Openoffice 1.4 (or preferebly 2.0) should be able to run.
> Media-Player Clasic and Klite-mega pack must be working,
> 7zip should be working.
> at least 1 opensource Image editor should work.
> the explorer should NOT have Web-intergration,
> the explorer should have some sort of windows-like network and FTP support enabled.
> at least 1 more filesystem should be intergreted (ext 2 / ext 3 / risa or whatever they are called).

Boy o boy - how would i wish i whas a programmer, -
but i do vulenteer do do anything that is in my power, (testing it, finding bugs, or whatever, - even help translating it to dutch if the guys who do it now need help - 'let me know' id be glad to... [/img]
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Post by Dominik »

Wow, this is really amazing, Dominik! Could I have this wallpaper, please. I like it so much
gerne doch! I uploaded the Wallpapers to my webspace.

Resolution 800x600: ... 00x600.jpg
Resolution 1024x768: ... 24x768.jpg
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Post by Dominik »

Floyd wrote:i hate the start panel.
You hate my startpanel or you hate one of the panels some other users posted in this thread?
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Post by cuppm »

Not sure if it's what Floyd means, but I hate the Start Panel in general. I would much rather have my start menu.

Modified explorer

Post by michael79 »


Could you post a link to the modified explorer.exe version.


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Post by Alkali »

I was just wondering if any of this would get in the svn trunk? Dominik has made some great suggestions (and I even like the taskbar made by Bond007). Its just that even with these suggestions I have not seen much change in the design to date (although this is just from 0.25-0.27).
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