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Post by Mike »

Stefan: Those are nice icons indeed... good to see a general XP-ish style without going over copyright boundaries :)
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MarOrt wrote:I must agree with Sfinx, people often judge things on the outlook.
Even if ReactOS would be 110% compatible with Windows XP, people would stay away from it, if it looks like Windows 3.1. It's just somekind of marketing!

If the icons won't be donated to the ReactOS project, I would support Sfinx's plan to do a special fundraise for the icons.

To Stefan: indeed VERY nice icons, I love them. I hope they get into ReactOS.
(According to Shackel) Aesthetics one of the factors in product acceptance which, in turn, is one of the key factors in our decision making process. So, the matter of aesthetics should not be overlooked.
Plus, nice looking screenshots makes better headlines. I.e. once we hit 1.0 and get slashdotted... Bam! :twisted:

Love them icons.
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Post by cmoibenlepro »

BTW whois in the UI team?
Do they still do something?
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Post by Floyd »

MadRat wrote:Perhaps its time to catch up to Longhorn by adding search where it belongs...
like the way vista caught up to Mac?
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Post by unkemptwolf »

Does anyone know if there are plans to have the UI 3D accelerated as an option? I would be great if I could do think like anti-alias my icons (I know a well disgned icon doesnt need this, but have you seen some of the icons included with programs?), and having my desktop run faster because I have a nice card would be great (it would be even better if these features could be disabled for slower computers).
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