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ROS theme

Post by fzerox »

Hi, I haven't been doing anything with ROS for a good few months and tbh, it looks like no progress has been made even though that is probably not the case.

Anyways I was thinking that we should create a ROS theme competition, I don't know a lot about creating themes so if someone could help me that would be apreciated.

Anyways I think that we should move away from the 98 style theme as the average user will ROS a old technolgy and inadequet as it looks like the computers we were using 10 years ago.

I know that ROS is still in the alpha stage, but i feel ROS needs a gui/theme overhaul.
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Post by Sand »

I disagree. ROS uses not W98-style theme, but W2000-style. I also think there are a lot of good themes for Gnome. Especially, the older versions.
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Post by nicekiwi9 »

The win98/2000 themes rule!,

But gui overhaul should definetly wait till the system works fairly well behind any fancy themes, 0.5 for instance.

Better that something works and looks bad than looking hott and Blue screening or freezing every few mins (cough vista)
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Post by forart »

I don't think it's a good move since the theme manager will be ready, BTW I believe that involving these guys would be interesting, IMHO:

Tango Icons for Windows (XP/2003)
[ external image ]

Bricopacks (click to zoom):
[ external image ]
[ external image ]
[ external image ]
[ external image ]

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