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Post by counting_pine »

mf wrote:
MadRat wrote:but its disagreeable that Plastic Themes are childish.
Even when they're called "Kids" ? Come on, stop kidding yourself.
The other Everaldo icon sets are less childish. It's not fair to tar all non-realistic icon sets with the same brush. I wouldn't call the Windows XP icon set childish. The icons aren't photo-realistic, but they're not excessively bright and colourful. They're more sensible looking than Everaldo, and I like them.
Icons don't have to look realistic to look nice.

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Post by Crappish »

I have to agree with that. XP Icons are very good for my preferance. And they do not look anything like childish or do you think Microsoft would have packed them with XP if they were?

Besides, cartoonish, simplified, icons are easier to recognize, even for people with bad eyesight. If you take a look of the XP iconset they are all kinda oversimplyfied and plastic looking but they work. They are quite easy to recognize, whereas realistic icons aren't necessary that easy to recognize.
+ most of them are based on unified set of rules which makes the recognition process even easier/faster. (certain angle, certain colours etc.)

My 2 cents

Hmm. I'm beginning to get labeled as the usability spokesman as I always base all of my opinions on usability/UI. Byt hey, I love UI Design and UI is after all, the most fundamental part of the software, so I think I can justify that. :)
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Post by user222 »

I like Windows 98 icons.

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Icon pack manager

Post by Duck »

Great Job guys! Hope i can be using ReactOS asap. (2 years???)

Theming is something purely personal. Everibody has its own taste for art.

Having said that, you guys should make an icon pack manager to allow averyone to be happy with the looks of their pc. Plain simple
And extend that funcionallity to all themes, system sounds, etc.

ReactOS will ship with a default theme and iconset and the ppl at home chose what to do afterwards. This OS is afterall about freedom to choose and use isnt it?

About gui and funcionallity importance, you guys (i dont have the expertise in that area) should do a study crossing the best7most funcional gui's so that Ros can include all the good concepts and pass by the bad proven ideas that every os has right now.

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Post by Floyd »

i think this would be a great resource site:

in terms of sheer ease of use and practicality, i believe the following interfaces to be good models:

BeOS was quite easy to use and QNX looks similar
a lot of people like MacOS but i found it restrictive
WinXP's explorer seems logical and easy to use
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primary colors????

Post by -I- »

there are 3 not 4,
and if you look at the newest lgo's, (used in v5.1 and v5.2 of the software).
you should notice, that its 4 colors,
'orange', 'yellow', 'blue' and 'green',
of witch obvisously only 'yellow' and 'blue' are of the primairy kind :idea:

whaha, but offcourse, this post is just to clearefy things
(and certainly not a flamebait, i hope :twisted: )

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