My Idea of a start menu

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Silver Sonic
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My Idea of a start menu

Post by Silver Sonic »

I had a random brainwave recently and this is what came out of it:

The tabbed start menu!

[ external image ]
This is it with the standard application tab open:
it displays all standard applications for Internet Browsing, E-Mails, Media Player, Messaging and Graphics!

[ external image ]
this is the all programs tab. Click on a program group and it's opened in the start menu like in Vista
[ external image ]
maybe a "Go up"-Button is missing...

[ external image ]
so these are the recently used applications...
[ external image ]
and this the other well known startmenu elements in Windows

though... I forgot recent documensts...

also notice the keyword box!
You type in a keyword and choose if you want to search or run it! (Buttons)

What do you think? :)
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Post by Pisarz »

I think, that's a good idea.
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Post by .aart3k »

check out kde4's kickoff menu
also i'd suggest to place tabs on the bottom (less km done by mouse manipulations like start->tab->what i want)
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Post by Phobos »

I like this idea, it looks very good

but as aart3k said, look at openSUSE's kickoff they've made several surveys and studies on the way the start menu should work and that's why KDE is adopting it too...
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Post by Blackcrack »

realy nice idea of it !

make it as plugin and the developers shold be make a api for it ;)

or it is funtioning if you make a dll for it ?
choosing a menudll so of side of plugins..
or how i can say it..

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Post by betaluva »

at first glace i thought it was strange but now that i,ve had another look i like it! if ros doesnt use it then i would suggest you create a installer for windows 2000/xp, i shown it to few poeple and they said they would use it.
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Post by milesje »

I think this great. It would help to decluder the screen and still give you access to everything you need. I also feel the tabs should be at the bottom of the start menu. I really like the way KDE/suse revamped the KDE kickoff menu.
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Post by EmuandCo »

A very helpful and nice looking Idea. I like it very much.
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes
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Post by caesar0n »

is very good
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Post by shevegen »

good idea

just please dont make it too confusing, i hated how SuSE arranged their menu in Yast the last 2 years, it was virtually no longer usable anymore
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ROS Logo in the Win Logo Space?

Post by tomleem »

I assume you would have the ReactOS logo in the place where the Windows logo is? :?:

It looks really nice. 8)
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Post by corona2k »

Love the idea :D
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Post by eXile »


For those who didn't find it:

I think that kind of start menu is really good. However, the respective implementation might vary in some points (e.g. tabs at the top or at the bottom, description of the textbox, icons etc.). :)

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Post by be59 »

Please translate this in english;-D
So the idea is nice but eXile's link :roll:
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Post by eXile »


One question I always wanted to ask to topics of this kind:
Are your screenshots made in Photoshop or did you really write a stand-alone windows program?

If not, try do produce some code that could be eventually brought into the svn, or find someone that could do that. The problem is: I think there was already some kind of task bar and start menu developed, but it did not show up in ReactOS because it heavily relied on the shell-API (which is not that much implemented at the moment when I am right).

I think at some point in the future, ReactOS will need a "explorer initiative" for a proper implementation of the start menu, task bar and ReactOS explorer. A "strings and icons review" wouldn't be wrong in the future, too, IMHO.

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