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How would you like the Start Menu design (not counting icons)?

Just like the way it is now
Similar to the Windows XP or Vista menu
Who needs Windows? - A new ReactOS style Start Menu which blows Windows out of the water! (please post specifics)
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Post by FlyingIsFun1217 »

RaX wrote:Regardless of what YOU, as an individual, think looks good, ReactOS isn't just for you.

Anyways, good developers tend to think like this:
Core first, features second.

IE::ReactOS will not have a complex gui until it's stable with great program support. It'd be an incredible waste of time on both your part and the developers' to even touch on this yet... Alot will change by the time it's time to implement themes or a way to customize the gui, something done now will most likely break later and cause more work for the developers.

The reason that developers tend to gravitate toward stripped down machines? It's like a car, really, to point our that other forum user's example... If you want luxury you'd want the A/C, leather seats, power windows and locks...But if you wanted to get someplace fast, wouldn't you instead use the money(development time) to make what's under the hood better first? Frankly, I'd rather have a solid engine than leather seats.
Is not ROS comprised of 'just for you's? Why shouldn't opinions be voiced then? I'm not saying were going to have consensus.

Thinking about how the GUI will be designed (or kept the same) now only saves us the time of doing it later, btw.


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OS X and Vista themes

Post by davefilms »

I prefer cool looking desktop and icons that looks modern as opposed the current Win95 look and feel. I think the End Users will like it too.

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Post by Blackcrack »


win95 feel and look and fully customable :twisted:

and the users can customating the rest of the "game" ;) this one is the best..
and the Programmers can programming for the desk and can make gimmics
for all what it need in the Home, Net and the rest of "work" *bg*
So like plug and pray.. eehh play *rofl* jea, why not.. a easy Desk but
customable to the haven :twisted: and any User have him self desk...
humm, i had say it again ??


p.s.: regsrv32 /i /s C:\windows\menus\menu1.dll

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New Start Menu

Post by kiefmymate »

Why dont you do away completely with the bottom start bar, time, etc. Rather when right clicking the mouse anywhere on the background or screen it will bring up the start menu with its icons. Natuarly if you click on the left top it will open towards the right etc. Even better allow some editing of the menu structure so that the user can customise according to his or her needs. The time can be shown in the right had top corner for excample, here also some customising can be allowed eg: user can chose between anologue or digital clock. :idea: :lol:


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