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Post by Z98 »

Read the statement more carefully. What GreatLord basically said was, none of the current devs are going to exert the effort needed to write a media player. And writing one from scratch is rather redundant considering how many media players are out there already.

As far as patents go, just look at the mess the MP3 patent caused.

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Post by eXile »


Yup, I never saw any sense in this thread. I asked you, why you were not simply designing an interface for VLC or mplayer (and didn't get any response). When shipping ReactOS with a media player, simply install VLC plus a ReactOS-skin automatically. Developing a media player is a really huge project, certainly much too much for the ReactOS developers. The man power invested into VLC is almost bigger than into ReactOS (sorry, but I think that is true).

So in the end I only recommend you to build a custom skin, and test it. At a stage in development, when media players can be running without problems, I think this could be included into live or boot CDs.

Here a little example of how much work a own custom media player would be:

When anybody starts crying that VLC uses wxWidgets and is thus a slow, buggy etc. application, I'll ... well you can think for yourself. I repeat me again, VLC will be using QT4 instead of wxWidgets in the next release (0.9.0).


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Post by artguy10 »

eXile, that sounds like a good idea. Take an opensource media player, like MPlayer, and make a skin. Just one question, how does one make a skin for MPlayer? I would be happy to provide the graphic files for it, but I've never been involved in something like that.

What do the developers think?

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Post by keytotime »

I am very sorry to inform you but mplayer does have a windows gui and mplayer is built with the latest trunk of ffmpeg and it is only 10 mb.

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Post by etko »

eXile regarding the wxWindows -> I hate skins. Skins are shittiest mankinds invention ever. Themes might be better, but skins are just bs :). Where are those beautiful sharp edged windows of Windows Classic uxtheme with all that fancy GUI clutter and slowness turned off?

Thus my first instinctive reaction is to send skins to hell in any app. It they can be "not installed" it's even better. And in VLC, only normally looking nonthemed interface is implemented in wxWindows. This means crap. Besides everything VLC doesn't use DirectShow nor is dependant on any UI interface. You can control it though web, even load multiple UIs, and if you write plugin you could tame it through named pipe, if you wish. Theoretically could be ported even for DOS. So that thing is wonderful animal, but its everything besides well behaved useful tiny windows media player.

It's 100 mm flak ubercannon to solve your ripped media woes, streaming it into the netwerk at same time. So it's only natural I am against it in windows clone.

Anyway public opinions is usually what matters, so if it's get decided that it's the right player for ROS I won't protest, but frankly I am strongly opposed to it as core part of the system. However that's only my opinion.

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Post by disks86 »

I apologize if someone mentioned this and I missed it but what about mplayer.

I use it all the time on my windows & Linux box. And it has quite a few skins already including one that looks like old Windows media player. I would think visually speaking there should be something to please most people.

Also I believe it is written in c or c++ if not than I apologize for wasting everyone's time because I didn't have an svn client handy.

Anyway they include binaries for several codecs so it supports a rather large collection of formats. Hasn't failed me yet to be honest.

Also it supports several audio & video interfaces so one of them is bound to work with ROS (at least somewhat) and the others can be used to test those API's as they are completed.

On a side note it is GPL so even if you don't use it directly you should be able to glue useful bits into whatever code may already be in place in ROS.
Talk is cheap. Show me the code. - Linus Torvalds

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Post by LRN »

As a Windows clone, ReactOS must have DirectShow-based built-in player. However, this player must be simple. Very simple. For ANYTHING more complex, user must use alternative ReactOS distribution with some other player(s) included, or download and install another player by himself.

Myself, i prefer MPC (DirectShow and all the stuff, usually it works through ffdshow), mplayer (MPUI or XULPlayer). I barely ever use VLC.

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Post by Blackcrack »


my mean,
it shold be one application, so small how Evilplayer:
[ external image ]
[ external image ]
[ external image ]

and so good how Gomplayer :
Gom Player
[ external image ]

and a port for the TV-Card's
to use the TVcard with one App.. who dont mus
installed extra Soft.. brrrhh...(take Feuersteins MoreTV ;))

it shold be a app how be scalable, skinable and customizing
for every user...

So like milkpigsheep but modular to updating components..

a little player.. a moviwindow like xine tha's all.. skinable..
as one, as 2 components and tree components.. play movi
and look tv *bg*.. letz show the saved movi.. orginal window,
recorded window.. ad so on... a modular milkpigsheep.. ;)

ad that's skinable ;)


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