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Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 12:44 am
by artguy10
Nmn wrote:mf is really discouraging people for no important reason... For one thing, its not necessarily set in stone that its needed to use themes and make it look cool immediately -- ever tried Vista with the performance settings? XP will do the same thing on the performance geared mode.

Plus, don't let the thread die. Keep bringing up improvements. That takes care of it altogether.
Thanks for the encouragement, Nmn. Well, if you have any other ideas, I can try to draw them to see how it looks. :)

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 1:55 am
by mf
Nmn wrote:mf is really discouraging people for no important reason...
Okay, I'll stop. Take the blue pill.

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 9:17 am
by Nmn

Well, I was just suggesting that it wouldn't be a bad idea to continuously improve the style. I was a bit harsh about it, but i kinda dislike it when people say its too early in the kind of case like this (where an efficient GUI design is the real concern, not cool themed graphics, even if thats what the main focus was on.)

Back to the design:

Maybe we should use ranges of letters to group applications, or perhaps have it be one of many ways to group applications. The reason i suggest ranges of letters is because using the search box to type the first letter is quite useful. So i figure if instead of using a search box, we could have it so pressing a letter would move to a menu with applications that start with that letter.

Re: Title Bar design

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:20 am
by johnwedd
awesome stuff, but i feel that the color scheme is to Mac. but thats adjustable easily


Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:38 pm
by andrewweb
artguy10 wrote:We're already copying Windows 95, which looks bad. Why not copy a nicer version of Windows? :wink:

Actually, I'd like to make a new design (from scratch) which would nicely replace the default, win95 look, if that's ok.
Well... no. ReactOS is sticking with the windows classic (NT) look (which is very similar to 95 - but NOT the same).
It may in future look like windows vista or windows 7, or even xp, but not yet. and chances are the major interface differences will be optional (e.g. vista or clasic style start button, windows 7 or classic taskbar etc.)