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Reactos virtualisation.

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:27 am
by jmmercy
Hi to all.

In these days of virtualisation, and as a linux main user, I had a look at the concept
of virtualisation through Xen. They were able to modify a XP version and have it to run
properly under the Xen hypervisor (along with other OS'es). The way they seem to have
this acheived was to modify the ring level from 0 to something else, I think. The Xen
hypervisor then runs in ring 0 and the guest windows OS in rings 3 and probably 1. Can
anyone tell me (before I have to dig deep into the source code) where this can be located
in Reactos and what are the pitfalls I should be aware of ? Could the ring level be modified
to something else than ring 0 permanently and still run properly ? (I do not see any reason
it would not, but...). Ultimately, it would be great to explore this path as it would make a
live cd including Xen easy to use and avoid the dual boot for Linux users (and later for
windows users when dual core has replaced other older cpu's).