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my walpaper

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:48 pm
by kokodin
i was looking through my window last night and i saw pretty moon but in my camera wasn't zoom and i draw this what i saw :D please rate it :D from 1 to 10 :D

[ external image ]

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:18 am
by jorge1987
Jajajaj, Its interesting, I like it. :P

Saludos :D:D

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:25 am
by Floyd
that's pretty nice!
i would vote that as a stock wallpaper.

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 2:00 pm
by Cristan
It's quite good! I really wouldn't make it the default wallpaper, but it's still very good.