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Post by ThePhysicist »

I have implemented SPI_SETNONCLIENTMETRICS and added some code into userinit to load metrics from registry. Now it's almost complete. I have uploaded the new patches to bugzilla #1732, but the links are broken, so you can't download it.

BTW: The first time these values are loaded (win32k: misc.c:959) it calls IntGetFontMetricSetting that should probably load the values from USERS/.DEFAULT, but it does not work. RtlQueryRegistryValues returns with an error and hardcoded default font is used.

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Post by MadRat »

Its interesting it cannot read from USERS/.DEFAULT settings. Is the value perhaps omitted in that location or could it have been entered in as a DWORD rather than a string/binary?
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Post by cmoibenlepro »

looks nice, has it been added to the trunk?

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Post by etko »

I suggest to include true multimonitor support into desk.cpl, similar to one like UltraMon has. Even if ReactOS doesn't support multiple monitors right now having this in the panel beforehand is I think good idea. I have 2 monitors and using plain winXP (without ultramon or something other) sucks. This idea might be interesting for ROS explorer author too: taskbar should support multiple monitors right away and all options should be accesible. I strongly advise to include property page to be able to manually set maximal and default refresh rates for all avail. resolutions too. These are really needed things on windows and I doubt that adding them into desk.cpl will bloat the file. One most important things is, I believe, the ability to resize window, so please make all that f*king fixed sized windows (like the ones desk.cpl and others cpls have) resizable. There is nothing more distrubing like, inability to resize some crazy dialog full of things, for example the one with ACLS or drivers.
I have plenty of ideas for small but usable functional changes like that, which respect win32 spirit of GUI design but can make wonders, are you interested in more of them?

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Post by Andrewm1986 »

All ideas are good, but don't be disspirited if they arn't implemented.

ReactOS developers work on the project in their free time, so the reason ti hasn't been implemented may not be because it is a "bad" area. Just because people lack the time to create it :)


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Post by kokodin »

hi it's a little ouy of date but i look to the trunk and it seems to geting work

ok if anyone understand anything i have some ideas or bugs in actual theming

1 font witk the start and many other things should be blach but is gray i think that its bug
2 i have idea for 3d obiects at this moment buttons have 5 colours base, white, light gray ,shadow gray and black at this moment only base can be changed (like in windows) but other colours should be calculated from the base color (lihgt grey all subcolours +35 , shadow grey all subcolours -70) and then custom window color should look a bit beter

overaly you guys made a great job it getting better and better

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