Official 0.3.0 Wallpaper Vote

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Which wallpaper would you like to be included in 0.3.0 ?

Poll ended at Thu Aug 03, 2006 9:21 pm

1. Lake
2. Blue Sky
3. Port
4. Flowers
5. Drops
6. Storm
Total votes: 57

Dr. Fred
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Official 0.3.0 Wallpaper Vote

Post by Dr. Fred »

The picture selection has been made by the reactos irc channel. It's pointless to argue about it. Wallpapers with color gradient are not included, because do not look good in ReactOS at 16 bit. The voting lasts seven days.

1. Lake - Pulished by Harteex on this forum. (Please provide more details, when you read this)
2. Blue Sky - By Harteex as well
3. Port - Hamburg, taken by my sister
4. Flowers - From frik85's garden
5. Drops - Published on, found by Filip Navara
6. Storm - Published on, found by Filip Navara
Where do you want ReactOS to go today ?
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Post by ThePhysicist »

I really like storm, but I voted for Lake, because the colors fit better for ROS I think and storm is from kde-look, so it's kinda "stolen" ;-)
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Post by Harteex »

hello everyone

Lake is actually a picture I took quite some time ago. It's from Sweden's third largest lake, Mälaren. Actually I'm going there again in two days.

Blue sky is taken with my new nice Konica Minolta DiMAGE A200.
Well, I don't think there's much to say about it, but it's the sky somewhere between Sweden and Finland ;)

if you want to know something else, just ask :)
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Post by keytotime »

I voted for storm originally but I would like to change my vote to lake. I did not notice the electric pole and the city in the background. :oops:
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Post by Bond007s »

I voted for Storm, as I think that it goes well Reacting to the world around it by opening up a new Open Source area that has not been quite matched by any other aim. I also liked Drops too, but would still love Storm, as it is a bit more radical. I liked the lake but was a bit bored with it. The cloads of it and Blue Sky are great but remind me of that Windows 95 Clouds background a bit too much (may be just me, even tho I know they are bizillions of times better than Windows 95 Clouds background)

I just like the slightly different style of a Storm as it shows something blowing in, that be ReactOS blowing into the market as it becomes more and more usable...

Question: Will this also be added into trunk? It would be cool to make sure that backgrounds are not broken and spice up trunk with the background from 0.3 all the way up...
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Post by i386DX »

The clouds in "Blue Sky" we already saw in Windows 95
"Storm" does look a bit like the default WinXP background -> don't like that
Also "Lake" is a bit the same thing (also the clouds again in the background)
I just don't like "Flowers" and "Port"
so I voted "Drops"
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Post by Phalanx »

I like story cause it feels like there is a journey there.
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Post by Saveliy_Tretiakov »

I like Storm and Lake and voted for Storm.
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Post by Jesper79 »

I usely don't use wallpapers, both becourse they slow things down and they make the desktop harder to overview. But I do like Lake as wallpaper at first startup, this becourse it feels kinda like xp's wallpaper but with a original touch. And it dosen't conflict with the icons as much.
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Post by geertvdijk »

I voted flowers, because I think it looks really similar to what we have seen being released with Vista, and I like this one really much... If not as default, at least include it.. :D
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All included?

Post by tomleem »

It would be great if they all were included so people will have a choice. :idea:
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Tom Lee M / BigGoofyGuy
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Post by GreyGhost »

inlcuding all wont be possible cos (afaik ,,,......last time itried) ROS only supported .bmp and all these will make it huge........

btw...i like most of those images but i dont know why but i find "port " very nice..... dont ask me why ..... with a bit of editing i think it would be coller than it is now..... :D
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Post by frog-o »

In a way I don't think we sould have a default this is kind of what Microsoft windows dose thing (that being in my opppinon adding extra stuff that slow down the computer resouce that not really need); instead i think it would probbly be better to have a wizard like kde to ask the usr what they want on startup as part of the install prosses.

I also would like to see them all included but in and oppional download wich is some like wich the install could install for you.

I vote for port becuase of several thing.

1. I like being different
2. It had more to look at(more building ship ect.)
3. It gave me a better feel of being free and have more choice.

In a way i was hoping to see a beam of light breaking thou the clounds and land on the word reactos in the storm bitmap. The bitmap are all good keep up the good work.
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Post by temarez »

ThePhysicist wrote:I really like storm, but I voted for Lake, because the colors fit better for ROS I think and storm is from kde-look, so it's kinda "stolen" ;-)
Does anyone have dirct link to full-sized Lake?
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Post by counting_pine »

I voted for Storm, though I also liked Blue Sky. The clouds looked nice - quite different in style from Win95, and the sky closely matched the desktop background colour.

Storm and Lake are nice pictures, but I didn't feel Lake had enough colour variance going for it, and it looked a little dull.
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