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Post by ScoTTie »

I agree with Coviti, anything that’s not similar to windows will only alienate non-tech users. It’s always easier for computer literate people to change what they want than having illiterate people doing it.

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Post by crhylove »

Well changing the color of a couple of menu bars isn't exactly going to send a newbie over a cliff or anything. I'm not suggesting a whole new interface or anything. It would just be nice if the default looked a pinch nicer than the current version. A lot of people would agree with that I think.


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Post by digitsix »

crhylove wrote:Hey, L_X Can you modify that theme just a tiny bit to be more green/black/purplish instead of green/black/bluish? Would look really nice with this wallpaper, which I'm donating to ReactOS, if they want it. ... n.jpg.html
no offense generally intended, but those wallpapers are as ugly as the default skin in react so it should go in there nicely :p

the twilight one would be ok but the lawn chairs in there ruin it.

the moon one is ok.

and no one wants a wallpaper with some random people in there that they dont even know... fyi

and the party house one: LOL

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Post by ThePhysicist »

Ok, I have made some high quality photos, too.
Deeply impressionistic still lives, kittenishly arranged, dallying compositions.

Click on pictures to see big size.

[ external image ]

[ external image ]

[ external image ]

[ external image ]

Please vote for them as default backgrounds! ;-)

Edit: I made some computer arts, too:
[ external image ]
ReactOS Script Kiddie

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Post by crhylove »

Crits accepted! The twilight one was the only one I really thought was cool enough, anyway. Though I like the lights in the party house one. I thought there was some nice color contrast. Not really "good enough" though, I'll agree.

The lawn chairs bring it to the real, but keep the infinite of stars and twilight. That was intentional. I don't accept any crit of the twilight one really, because as the photographer, I thought it was perfect.

There are some really nice ones up on planet ubuntu right now. The cactus at sunset is awesome. Maybe they'll give that one to us. ;)


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Post by Flappz »

The Start bar itself looks Like Win 9x and win 2k
And the Virtual Desktops are Linux Like
and WineFile is Windows 3x / Win 9x WinFile.
Everything is a derivitive of something.
I thinks its dope, nice job, keep up the great work!

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