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Would it be something?

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Post by geertvdijk »

Switchboy wrote:
geertvdijk wrote:
Phalanx wrote:Any work on this, maybe in an theme which will work on xp for now?
actually, I have 0 experience in creating .msstyle files, so I don't have a clue how to do it... However, I'll look into it and try... :D
There are very easy programs like stylebuilder to make .msstyle files. Or you can use Resource Hacker to manually replace all the bitmaps :wink:
think ill go the resource hacker way, ive already had enough trouble with tgtsoft stylebuilder :P
thanx :)
first i'll go out and create a taskbar tho...

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Post by pratik_mullick »

The theme looks nice! but needs a lot more color. The classic theme i feel is the best of all, in accordance with the reactOS gui

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Post by DGMurdockIII »

yes i like that idea

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