Actual Design Brainstorm about Graphics Calls

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Actual Design Brainstorm about Graphics Calls

Post by ramosl8029 »

I have experience with Antigrain Graphics library. This is the same used to create the transparencies in Chrome and probably XP.

I am interested in developing for the graphics calls on ReactOS. Please, guide me as to the pitfalls and svn branch to care for.


Edit: the Antigrain Graphics is open source, I am its administrator.

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Re: Actual Design Brainstorm about Graphics Calls

Post by EmuandCo »

Hello and welcome ^^
We normally do things a bit different. We have the main trunk ( or svn:// open for all to load and tinker on. Then you put your work by diff/patch file into our Jira bug reporting system ( This won't be the case forever. As soon as we know your work is good without need to rework big parts to make it useable, you will get your own commit access to svn.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here or in IRC ^^

Pitfalls.... I have no clue where the big flaws in our win32k are right now. Last thing I heard was that it's a beast and the code with the worst structure in the whole codebase. I think here your ppl to ask are Jim Tabor and/or Timo Kreuzer right now. At least one of em should be reachable in IRC from time to time.
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes.

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