Can there be a better GUI?

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Re: Can there be a better GUI?

Post by Haos »

I`m not sure if there is any complete, opensource and permissively-licensed Windows GUI replacement, that is not basing on any Windows native code, and which is not KDEWin. If i`m not correct - as Daniel said, we are opened for any proposals.

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Re: Can there be a better GUI?

Post by andreas84 »

I think either way there is no way around to code the gui with ros. To take up 3rd party software will not replace this and could only be an addon.

Third party software would likely be not optimised and cost performance either way and harder to integrate than some with the core written gui.

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Re: Can there be a better GUI?

Post by Bond007s »

Why not something clean and eligant, yet simple and modern more in the vain of ... ui-concept. This is in my opinion how the Desktop of Windows 8 should have been. It takes Metro Concepts but makes it work in a Desktop mode. It is simple and should be painless transition from Vista/7. It even takes good concepts of Vista/7 but removes junk like aero and incorporates it into a more simplified look than before (simplified means leaner and smaller footprint). I wish I knew C/C++ and I would design it not only for ReactOS but for the Desktop the way I would like it within Windows.

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Re: Can there be a better GUI?

Post by Pisarz »

I don't think it's possible to implement something like this to anyone else than Microsoft, cause people would adapt their apps to look native in Windows, not ROS, although some elements of this concept could serve as an inspiration to whoever would work on designing ROS.

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Re: Can there be a better GUI?

Post by jonaspm »

jeffw wrote:Like this: (See image by clicking here)
(Image is copyright me.)
I like simple and retro GUIs but this one is sooooooooooooooooooooo simple for me :(

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Re: Can there be a better GUI?

Post by b4dc0d3r »

There are plenty of shell replacements which, because they implement functionality equivalent or better than ReactOS, can replace the GUI. I have been following LiteStep for a long time, and although it has fragmented and fallen to the wayside as a result of XP themes, you can customize it any way you like.

I would prefer that ReactOS concentrate on functionality. Microsoft has long been in the business of providing the base functionality and allowing users to customize the result.

In fact, I will digress for a moment. Microsoft has long provided the platform, in the implementation of BASIC up to the Theming service, for users to customize the baseline. I see no reason for ReactOS to break this tradition. Perhaps some genuinely unique and interesting breakthrough would be of value. Beyond that, Windows, and by extension ReactOS, should provide at a minimum a blank slate for graphic designers to go crazy. Develop a theme and apply it. Implement a shell replacement. Just like Microsoft intended. A platform.

But wait, doesn't Microsoft put a lot of attention into presentation? Oh, yeah, they added a Luna theme that everyone hated for 3-4 years.

Yes, there can be a better GUI, and Microsoft left it up to people to implement. Other shell replacements have done the same, and left customization to the user.

I prefer the absolute basics, and the GUI is acceptable, barring a few bugs. You want something better, go write it. Or take any one of the billions of shell replacements and customize it. But report any bugs please, so they can be fixed.

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