Some words to posting (vote) in this forum

Voting concerning ReactOS development paths. Read only for non-developers.
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Some words to posting (vote) in this forum

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In order to have a true improvement over the old voting method there have to be some rules for this forum.

1. Posting is like posting to the mailinglist. You cannot edit your postings in this forum so anything stays traceable like on the mailinglist. If something is really wrong you still can ask me and I will edit it for you.

2. Each thread means a vote. Discussions about a vote can be done on the mailinglist or in our other forums. You can still reply to the threads but remember, you cannot edit (->delete) your posts.

3. Each time a thread with a vote will get started the forum sends a message to the ros-dev mailinglist. So the people that only read the mailinglist will also get notified about the vote. Although the forum sends a notification message it is appreciated that the person that starts the vote will also send an explaining email to the mailinglist.

Note: You have to click the 'Add option' button for each voting option you want. It isn't enough to write the last option into the field and then press the 'Submit' button.

Michael Wirth

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