ReactOS Frugal Installation

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ReactOS Frugal Installation

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One of the main features of Linux is the possibility of perform a Frugal Installation that take some of the advantages of a LiveCD running, but using the same resources from a HardDisk installation.

As ReactOS evolves, it is possible to imitate this Linux feature.

A common LiveCD directory scheme is as follows:
folder_scheme.PNG (3.04 KiB) Viewed 417 times
Of them, we are going to use only:

/loader/setupldr.sys which is to be renamed as /freeldr.sys
/Profiles contains user folders such as My Documents and Application Data
/reactos the most important as it has inside all of the needed files by ReactOS
freeldr.ini our freeloader config file

Now these files must be copied to our Hard Disk, preferably to the root of the active partition.

Once copied it's time to edit freeldr.ini to adapt it to the Frugal environment, this consists in removing the switch /MININT from boot options, and adding an ARC path to SystemPath parameter, this must be accurate with the partition where our Frugal installation resides, i.e. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\reactos

If the partition is shared with another pre-existent OS, and/or if the Hard Disk has already a boot loader installed, let's say GRUB, is needed to add the ReactOS freeloader to the list

Code: Select all

title ReactOS
root (hd0,0)
kernel /freeldr.sys
And that is, you can reboot and init ReactOS as it was installed with the traditional way, except that some customization options are missing (but likely hidden in the registry), this is a TODO for a second revision of the tutorial.

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