Developers, look at XP Embedded

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Developers, look at XP Embedded

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MS has "XP Embedded" that is actually a tool kit to build highly customized version of XP. Take a note, MS prohibits using such versions on descktop computers! There are a lot of posts about additional customizations hidden in the registry. There are some commertial and freeware to strip XP from MS crap (for ex. Nlite). Also, XP Emb. has some useful features not available in "normal" XP, such as EWF driver.
What I suggest is to create and mantain well defined structure of relations and dependency between ReactOS components. Also, you may want to consider making Tweaking Tool to control hidden features (it's easy when writing code, but hard later!). It's a shame on MS that people have to search the web for such information and soft.
You may think it's not first order job, but think about future when you'll have to compete with MS. What would you offer?

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