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Post by Sauro »

Thats it, The entire o/s is 13mb. Dang you guys are good

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Post by Quvack »

hehe you have to remember that the o/s isnt even alpha yet :) its going to grow a whole lot as it develops more but for what it is at the moment its a nice kinda size :)

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Post by Mike »

When ReactOS has more features, it should grow. But hopefully never into the gigabyte-range of Windows 2000 and XP. Only if it's necessay, but I have a feeling it won't be (hell, WinNT4 runs fine in only 160MB, there's no excuse for Win2k being 800MB and WinXP/2003 being 1.4GB)

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Post by Ged »

13Mb is the bootcd iso size.

It installs somewhere around the 30Mb mark, IIRC.

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Post by mikedep333 »

It will be alot larger once the distro(s) are formed.

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Post by bratao »

If build qwith visul studio, will about 6 megas

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