Until hti happens i would not YET use react OS permenantly

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Sorry to say big BAD news about doing this.

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VxD first understand what in heck they are.

Filefomat LX a sub version of LE from OS Warp.

No open source tool can create them as far as I know. Mingw can create unsigned Windows NT-XP drivers. Makes testing simpler If you can see both sides.

Also they are a mix of 16 bit and 32 bit code. Most of Reactos runs in 32 bit mode so there could be a fight.

Virtual Machine Manager is used to control the 16 bit sections ie placing them in ring 0 memory(the problem) So these code section can talk directly to the hardware also kill the system. Most of this is sub 1meg memory space. One of the things that can happen when pluging a lot of cards and devices into windows 9X systems is the complete use of this space.

This Trouble.

Note only drivers dared tryed to be ported into linux from 9x are printer drivers due to most of them being in the 32 bit code and some case without a low level driver. Linux teams trust NT drivers More too and will port them.

Basicly Providing a subsystems to port drivers from Linux, BSD or cups would be a better use of time than VXD. Due to the simple trouble VXD can cause.

I know there is alot of hardware with win9x only drivers but this is the problem with buying hardware that is not support by at least one opensource system with source code. Note Nvidia will at least work limited without thier drivers.
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