ReactOS on VirtualBox

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ReactOS on VirtualBox

Post by PetruDimitriu »

ReactOS hasn't been working on VirtualBox for a while... For a couple of months each time I try to install ReactOS in VirtualBox, the OS freezes at some point or another during the setup process. When will this be solved? This bug (which, btw, already exists at Bugzilla) prevents me from further developing, writing translations, etc since I can't test compiled versions once I finish coding...

Thank you.

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Re: ReactOS on VirtualBox

Post by sh4ring4n »

Say, which bug is it?
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Re: ReactOS on VirtualBox

Post by gabrielilardi »

There are several:
bug 5810, bug 5857, bug 6183, bug 6292 and perhaps some others...

PS: You can use qemu with qemu manager in the meantime to test ros.

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Re: ReactOS on VirtualBox

Post by MadWolf »

if you have a copy of an old build of VirtualBox from before sun got takeover by oracle the reactos will run on it

reactos 0.3.13 runs on Sun VirtualBox 3.1.6

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