Great job guys! But a few suggestions!

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Great job guys! But a few suggestions!

Post by clancg2003 » Sat May 14, 2011 10:49 pm

Hello everyone, I haven't followed ReactOS much over the past year, (due to being busy) but I must say I am truly amazed at where the project is now. Development spreed is definitely increasing, and we're 1000x better off this year than when we were at this time last year. While the development of ReactOS has improved one hundred fold over the past year, unfortunately the PR department needs some work.

Since the project is being developed at a much faster pace now, we really need a newsletter or a blog posting that talks about development of the project twice to three times a month instead of just once. (No offense to Z98, he's been doing a great job, but once a month is no longer sufficient now that the project is starting to take off.) A lot of the ongoing projects such as the USB-bring up branch and Jim Tabor's keyboard hook fixes have barely been mentioned, but would definitely generate a lot of fanfare for the project. For example, while I could be mistaken, I believe MjMartin just recently made a commit to the USB-bringup branch that finally allows mice and keyboards to work. If I understood the commit correctly, this will definitely excite the userbase and show a huge improvement in ReactOS, if it were only mentioned somewhere on the site :). Another thing that I really liked is the forum thread that talks about the "fix of the week." Perhaps that could be integrated somehow into the newsletter? Perhaps someone could also do a quick interviews with the GSOC students and ask them various questions related to their project.

Anyways, I hope my message is easy to understand. I must admit that I am sleep deprived right now and my grammar is probably atrocious, but I'm basically trying to say that ReactOS would really benefit from some good PR. I would be more than happy to do such a thing myself, but I cannot commit myself to this until the status of my summer job is revealed. Vicmaral definitely had something going on for a while, but sadly it looks like he has stopped making posts to his ReactOS blog. Perhaps he would still be willing to do such a thing if he's still with the project?

Anyways keep up the good work guys, I hope that 0.4 is on the horizon :).

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Re: Great job guys! But a few suggestions!

Post by Haos » Sun May 15, 2011 1:15 am

I still dont see enough material for a newsletter once a week of the current size.

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Re: Great job guys! But a few suggestions!

Post by bugboy » Sun May 15, 2011 3:27 pm

The commit to USB_bringup about keyboards and mice was only for the hub driver working properly in windows. Sorry for misleading. Unintentional.
However a commit a few weeks ago fixed problems
with our old USB driver fixing some issues with keyboards and mice.


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Re: Great job guys! But a few suggestions!

Post by vicmarcal » Sun May 15, 2011 4:18 pm

We are trying to finish the website revamp.It will have an open blog for our devs/testers/contributors.
There we will be able to post "Fix of the week", "interviews","tutorials","screenshots of new apps working" and "event reports/photos" among others.

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