add free programs already out there

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add free programs already out there

Post by darren »

Hi all

JUst had a throught. Inregards to programs for Reacto OS. How about adding free programs for example
medla player - Real player
net meeting - oovoo
remote access - crossloop
defrag - auslogic defrag ( or any other free program)

7 zip
pea zip

Add extra like dock object ( simlar to brand name PC That add small utilites)

you get the idea
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Re: add free programs already out there

Post by Z98 »

From our perspective it's better that the user go and install apps they themselves want than force them to remove apps they did not want.
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Re: add free programs already out there

Post by Black_Fox »

darren, additional programs may not become part of the ReactOS ISO, but you can download a lot of them through the ReactOS Application Manager present in default installation. For needs you provided, there is already 7-zip for compressing and SMPlayer for multimedia, both ready to one-click download. Remote access and defrag first need support from OS before the apps start working (and can be added to the Applications Manager).
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