You are doing such a good work !

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In how many years will Reactos reach beta status ?

this year
No votes
next year
in 2 years
in 5 years
in 10 years
when its done
Total votes: 26

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You are doing such a good work !

Post by wildschwein »

I take my hat off to all those Reactos developers, testers, translaters and other guys who deal with Reactos.
You are all doing such a great work !

Please keep on working on Reactos - a lot of Reactos fans are waiting prayerfully and silent - until it's ready. And it's ready, when it's ready.
No matter if beta still needs a years or two. The main thing is, that it's stable and compatible.

Slowly, but continous the great destination comes nearer and nearer... Together we will MADE IT ! This will be the beginning of the end of Microsoft !

I am with you, and I pray for you all !
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Re: You are doing such a good work !

Post by zZaRDoZz »

5 years because it's important to be realistic.
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Re: You are doing such a good work !

Post by EmuandCo »

Noone can answer this. This is a useless discussion and even more useless poll. Its done when its done
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes
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Re: You are doing such a good work !

Post by Aeneas »

... answer the question - certainly not... but let us say, "statistically observe the process", yes, we can. ;)

I gave you five years, because, while you are progressing nicely, technology is evolving, too, and I have the feeling you will have to chase it a bit. Soon, there will be EFI, then, MS' new driver model will need implementation, USB is not supported and, once it is, certainly will need adjustments, too...

See this as a compliment. You guys are doing what noone else ever did before, and if we measure accomplishment per man-years, I must say, comparing to the effectiveness of the organisation of MS, you are real heroes!
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Re: You are doing such a good work !

Post by Yaraslau »

In two years, but before Apocalypse. :)
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Re: You are doing such a good work !

Post by patternjake »

December 21st 2012. XD

ReactOS hippies will be jumping for joy, trying the beta release and then BAM, down comes a comet and destroys us all :P
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