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GDI Handles

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first of all, i want to say that i find this project amazing and that i can't wait to get the first Beta version :)

I have a big problems with GDI Handles in Windows. I always have a lot of programs opened, severals virtual machines and so on (I need them for development), they often do not fit on the normal size of the taskbar, so that i get a switch to the next list of programs. Then suddenly i can not open a window anymore. It seems for me that Windows rans out of GDI Handles. The solution should be to close a program, this also works sometimes. After some time you notice, that you get some handles back, but not so many as you had before. After some days, you can only run like 3 - 4 programs at the same time, because there are no Handles anymore and i need to reboot. My question is if this will be better in ReactOS ? I would directly switch to the final version of ReactOS, because i do not know any bug, which could be so annoying like this. (Under XP it can also happen that the whole screen beginns to flicker in Black if you dont have a single Handle left and try to start the taskmanager). Terminating a program is also not so easy, as you can only terminate programs, that have only one window otherwise you can not open the popup window in the taskbar to select the windows(It requires a GDI handle). So my question is if ReactOS want to port this Bug also? :mrgreen:


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Re: GDI Handles

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Hi, most of the times when I encountered this problem, it was due to a program and not the OS itself, use GDIView or check the handles with taskmgr to recognize which is to blame.

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Re: GDI Handles

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There is a way built in to windows for this task as well. Open the task manager(ctrl+Shift+Esc) and go to View then Select Columns.. then make sure GDI Objects are checked then hit ok. With this the number of GDI handles being used by each application should be shown and you can see if you have a leak.

An upside to this method is no additional applications required.

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