to win over general public

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to win over general public

Post by darren »


I found this site looking for other os which could run microsoft based programs. From what i have seen you guys are on a winner. As stated its based on NT technology. I think you have areal chance with this if you give it a look and feel like windows current os. And include some applications and technology that windows is lacking. I guess it takes money. I wish i was a programmer so i could assist, cos i like the idea of a alternative to windows which runs windows programs. It would still be woth it if you had to pay a small fee for the purchase of the product for the continued development . keep up the good work. If theres anything i can help let me know.
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Re: to win over general public

Post by gabrielilardi »

Hi and welcome,
You can help in many ways not necessarily coding, you can test, learn from ros and help other people of the community, improve the wiki, design icons, you can even donate from our page, etc.
PS: Please don't double post.
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Re: to win over general public

Post by RaptorEmperor »

1. Welcome to the ReactOS community!

2. This part of the site might steer you in the right direction:

I admit that I haven't been very involved lately (college keeps me too busy nowadays), but I got started doing software testing for the compatibility database (which you can access from the homepage), and then I learned how to do debug logs (which I'm still not the greatest at). If you're interested in testing ReactOS or anything, there are tutorials in the forums, or you can ask around, like I did when I first started around here.
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