FullFAT inclusion

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Re: FullFAT inclusion

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livestrong2109 wrote:Personally I have to put my support behind just using EXT2/EXT3 its the logical choice.
If you're talking about making EXT2/3 the default FS, I oppose that. I routinely have to take people's crashed hard drives and put them in my computer to recover the data from them. It's also quite common to have two hard drives: one for the OS (ideally an SSD) and one for the data. In either case, our users should be able to expect to be able to take the hard drive from a Windows-like OS and put it in any Windows computer and be able to read it without any special software. ReactOS users' hard drives are going to end up in Windows computers from time to time, and it should require no knowledge of file systems to be able to recover the data from them.
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Re: FullFAT inclusion

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Well I'll agree that would be the ideal situation. If it was up to me I'd just use ExFat for everything but our issue here is that it needs to be universal as well as open. We cant be getting in trouble for such a minor issue. Personally I think that using EXT 2/3 would be more conducive as it's available to mac and linux users. That and adding support for windows would be trivial at best.
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