OFFICIAL POLL: *Your* priorities.

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Gabriel Vigo
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Post by Gabriel Vigo »

Simple Answers:
A, C, A, Virtual Machines, E, A.

1. A -> An compatible & eye-candy S.O. will attract & gain +people (users/developers).
2. C -> It's very important that ReactOS has a good driver compatibility and support.
3. A -> But is important too that the user GUI be fast and refined (not rudimentary).
4. Virtual Machines (like VMware, Qemu), are important for me. Sound support too.
5. E -> In my country, the money hasn't much value to the dollar change. Possibly A.
6. A -> It's important update the website with new info, in "Latest News" section.
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Post by Phalanx »

1: B
2: E, A, C, B, D then F
3: B, C, F, A, E then D
4. FireFox/Thunderbird, OpenOffice, ATI Video/Creative Sound Drivers, Samaba, VLC, Smart FTP
5. F :(
6. A, B, E, D

k, for 6, I would like more info on the website, like WineHQ, or OSNews style :) For releases, I think they should be strong releases, like many BSDs do, but I still think that releasing constantly alphas between major releases would be good, as they would help people get involved in testing.

For 2 and 3, I think many things will develop other things, etc. But basicly get important programs, and get them full working (or 98%), then you will have much less work for others. I think open source programs may make this a lot easier/faster.
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Post by BOT_ev »

4- Fully functional Firefox, Winamp, Video Player, Open Office, ICQ client, GIMP, FTP Client. Drivers for Sound, Video and chipsets.
5- 50$ or less because I`m a poor student ;)
Lucio Diaz
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Post by Lucio Diaz »

1- B
2 -A C E F
3 -F A D
4 - I am quite sure the most importat things for reactos to be of "use" are:

- a graphical way to install/activate more used networking cards drivers.
- a functional TCP/IP
- a functional configuration panel for the network.
- one browser (firefox for example), FTP client and IRC clienf functionals.

5 - 50-150$

best regards,

Lucio Diaz.
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Post by A-v-S »

1 A

1 C

3 A

4 Firefox, Thunderbird, IRC client, IM program.

5 A

6 E
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Re: OFFICIAL POLL: *Your* priorities.

Post by Lolo »

1 - B
2 - F
3 - D & F
4 - Firefox/emule/Filezilla/MediaPlayerClassic/VLC/K!TV/FairUse/OOo
5 - 100$
6 - A & E

1 - B
As I understand well, the B choice is concerning more difficult work than the A. The more difficult must be done before the rest. More dev are/will be able to do the "easiest" part after.

2 - F
In fact, I prefer stability than everything else. The worst thing that could happen to ROS is to be known as unstable as MS Win !!!

3 - D & F
Stability for D
Control Panels for F
I'm not good enough to test everything because there is not control panels.

4 - Firefox/emule/Filezilla/MediaPlayerClassic/VLC/K!TV/FairUse/OOo

5 - In fact, I would give 100$ each month if there could be a foundation with people working all the day on ROS. (really 100$!)

6 - A & E
some guy
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Post by some guy »

Here are my answers

B,C,B,MS Flight Simulator 2k4,B,A

As usual some comments:

1)Implementing core services are more important than running apps who cannot fulfill their purpose.(WMP can't play music,Browser can't open the web etc..)

2)Support for more hardware increases the number of users and popularity.

3)See 1

4)I am a flightsimmer and like fligh simulators so it would be nice if ROS can run one.

5)If I had $1000 I would certainly donate $100 to ROS.

6)The web should be updated daily.
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Post by mf »

Since I'm officially only a "contributor", I feel I can answer this survey ;).

My answers: B, E, B, DirectShow, A, E

As for the first question, a lot of people are being overhasty with wanting to market ReactOS. Option A will only attract more people that are of no use to the project. Option B is the way of getting things done properly.
As for question 4, DirectShow is a pretty tough nut to crack. Getting COM working properly is probably half the work, but the whole graph system and linking up with WDM capture devices etc, is a royal pain in the hiney. Thing is though, basically every media player for Win32 needs it, with the only exceptions being the DivX player (theplaya), mplayer and VLC.
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Post by Nebiros »

1 - B
2 - A
3 - A
4 - Open Office
5 - E
6 - E

I think developers should focus on getting closer to the intended goal of windows compatability - if that means to neglect getting some applications to work in the near future, fine. Things along the "eyecandy" point could also be neglected until getting closer to a 1.0. Better build a solid base and from there increase number of working applications...
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Post by whitehornmatt »

B, C, C, i810 onboard video, A, A

4: i only get 16 color in reactos (last time i checked)
5: i'm a student so i cant donate much but i will try
6: i could help you update the website if you wanted
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Post by jro »

My 2 cents

B), E) C) as many as possible ! A)
last one
A) Finally get around to updating the website
B) Updating the blogs at more often
D) Releasing more ReactOS releases (less inter-build time)

It's good so far, but getting the word out on the project to attract more developers is vital. We can recruit at mingw sites. I'm making a DevCpp project to maybe interest more mingw devs. I don't mind doning if it helps the project, but why trademarks at this point? More docs on what code is doing and how it's organized will help new devs get into it faster.
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Post by re-mind »

watch out :/ bad english ahead.

1. B

a fast stable OS is surely the best thing imho. i would rather see present/new devs who want to code quality code instead of ppl who want to take a shortcut.

2. B, D

Sound and video would make me change soon, mostly b/c thats all i use my computer for. but then again, without A (networking) then its a bit dull ;)

3. D, E

A system that works fast and is nice to look at is surely a big turn on ;)

I would like to see both ATi and nVdia drivers working in ros, and then some kind of sound. I have an Realtek AC97 onboard soundcard, i have had that card on the last 3 pc's and i seems to be on alot of motherboards. could there be made a driver that supports that card? if so, that would be a big step forward :)

5. C, D

i have already donated some :) and i would not hesitate if there was somekind of bounty system.. tho i dont know how it would work, and i do not know what the code is worth :/ so i would think twice before donating/paying alot of money..

for now i have donated more than it costs to buy windows xp x2 and i still use a illigal version :oops:

6. A, B, C

The website would be a nice touch since it has been talked about alot lately. I would like to see some words on progress each day, just a few lines, if any progress made of course :) the blogs on the page only seem to cover "big events".

if i could buy reactos merchandise i would ;)

:) well.. thats about it.. hope u can use this in some way or another.


ps. thx alex. its nice to see that the devs care ;)
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A strong 'A'

Post by DaleCoz »

I don't have a strong opinion on a lot of these things, but I strongly vote A on the first one, with an explanation:

There are two reasons I would go with 'A'. First, I think that getting applications working and stable is a good test of how high a priority a section of the operatiing system should be given. I'm guessing that there are large sections of Windows that are rarely used and rarely impact applications in the real world. There are other sections that are show-stoppers for several important applications. Which sections of the operating system should be given priority? Well, presumably the ones that are important to a large number of applications. That doesn't mean doing hacks to get an application running if those hacks are going to come back and haunt you in a major way later, but it does mean giving priority to things that are likely to result in more applications running.

Second, running applications are the only way us non-kernal people can measure progress. It's encouraging to see new applications now running and it keeps us coming back to see how the project is doing, and maybe even pointing friends to the project. If you spend the next six months just improving the internal plumbing with little visible progress in terms of new applications running, for a lot of people that will translate as 'the project is bogging down'. I would think that getting applications running would be a tremendous motivator for developers.
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Post by reub2000 »

B,E,(none of the above: A working installer),3D Accelerators,A,A

1. Wine seems to have taken the 2nd mentality. And Office works perfectly in it. But throw anything else odd at it, and you'll be glad if you finnish the installer. So ROS should focus on completing the OS to be as compatible with as many applications as possible, even if that means I have to wait a little while.

2. APIs need to be finnished so I can run windows programs. Sound would be nice if I could run Winamp or StarCraft, which will require APIs first.

3: All others are useless, if reactos doesn't have a working installer.

4: 3D Accelerators should be a top priority for reactos. Windows is the platform that most games come out for. If you play games, then your stuck with windows these days. Gamers are an exelent target, most of them being very computer literate, who know computers.

6: Please update the website with more information.
Mr. Anderson
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Re: OFFICIAL POLL: *Your* priorities.

Post by Mr. Anderson »

1. B
2. E > C > B > D > A > F
3. A > C > F > B > D > E
4. Java
5. E
6. A

Website is a bit unsorted, contains errors, not up-to-date, news section is disordered, login for bug reports contains bugs...
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