OFFICIAL POLL: *Your* priorities.

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Re: OFFICIAL POLL: *Your* priorities.

Post by cuppm »

1. B
2. A, E, C, B, D, F
3. C, F, A, D, E, B
4. none
5. A
6. A, B, D, E C
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Post by dark »

1. B, a little of A would be good
2. A,E,C
3. A,C
4. Support for USB keys (so when you plug them in they show up as a new drive in "my computer," like XP)
5. A
6. E (in svn 16304 and later double clicking my computer icon on desktop doesn't do anything, don't know if its been fixed, and bugs like these seem to make it into the next release.)
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Post by Gasmann »

B, B, B, Nvidia OpenGL, A, A

1. B because once the internals are working it shouldn't be that hard to make applications compatible with it, because many functions they use are then already implemented and it should then go faster to make the rest working. Of course it would take longer until "changes" are visible to standard users, but I think it's better to have a stable os with few apps working than an unstable os with many apps running on it and crashing with every "wrong" click.
2. B because on sound support there hasn't been done much yet. I just want basic support for pcm for the first, let's say to hear mp3s, oggs & flacs through my ESS Solo-1 PCI Card :wink:
3. B because of the same reasons as in 1.
4. Nvidia OpenGL because I want to play UT with ReactOS :wink:
5. I don't have much money, 50$ are actually quite much for me
6. The website REALLY needs to be updated. The old informations on it may let people who just came here e.g. through google think that not much is beeing done at ros, which isn't true.

I think this should be enough :wink:
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Post by chris319 »

Short answers: B, F, D, Quicken, B, A

#1 - B

Running on ReactOS would be a nice demonstration of ROS' capabilites and wouldn't require networking or multimedia support. OTOH, "playing" an mp3 on Windows Media Player without being able to hear the music is a bit silly, IMO.

#2 in order of priority:

1. Stability (not necessarily speed)
2. API implementations
3. Hardware/driver support
4. Networking
5. Audio
6. Video

It is of utmost importance that the first non-beta release of ROS be as stable as possible. If ROS acquires a reputation as being buggy or unstable, that reputation will be very, very difficult to overcome over time.

#3 in order of priority:

1. Stability
2. Application compatability

ROS is being touted as application-compatible with Windows so it will have to deliver on that promise.


Quicken - I don't use Quicken, I don't like Quicken, but a lot of Mom & Pop PC users use Quicken and if ROS is to live up to its claim of being Windows application compatible it will have to be able to run Quicken.

An office suite (

An audio player (Winamp)

A browser (Firefox)

An email client (Thunderbird/Eudora)

#5 - I can make donations as long as they are being used for the actual development of ROS and not for paying attorneys to file a trademark registration.

#6 - Update the web site, especially the links.
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Post by Sami »

1.B, 2.A, 3.B, 4 simple system update through network, 5.A, 6.A
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Post by loki1985 »

stability and more/better ground API over all.......
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Post by e7 »

1. A
2. C
3. A, E
4. MS Installer, because many applications need it (like OO 2)
5. E, A
6. B, A
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Post by Dr. Fred »

gasmann wrote:Nvidia OpenGL[/b]
It fully works.
Where do you want ReactOS to go today ?
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Post by Mrkaras »

A, B, F,no perticular application, E, A

1 := A apps
2 := B sound (although this may be included in C)
3 := F applets/control pannel, app compatability will develop anyway
4 := no perticular application
5 := E no money
6 := A website

Is somebody goint to tatal these results at some stage?
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Post by rastilin »

B, A, A, Open Office, E, A

1) As previously mentioned, it would be best to do it once and properly instead of a collection of hacks. Wine is using option A and as an example, the latest release has broken start menu functionality for several applications. (They don't see it as being there and the installation crashes)

2) Without networking, a computer's usefulness is severely impaired. We can tolerate malfunctioning applications and OS crashes however copying programs and updates across from another computer or having to reboot to surf the web is not accepptible.

3) Without basic compatability the OS does nothing. Once applications run, then we can worry about the other stuff. It has to work first.

4) Once a OS can run a serious word processing app, It becomes feasable to use it on the main work computer. It's a stretch but it is plausable. Without word processing this is not even an option.

6) Update the website with the most recent information. It should at least state the current state of the project with some accuracy so visitors get a realistic picture. More frequent news updates would not hurt either.
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Post by StopTCPA2 »

1. ? B
2. C B G (G:USB if not incl. in C)
3. A
4. Firefox, GIMP, OOffice, 7ZIP, SOUND SB512, USB, XNVIEW
5. F sorry have no income
6. E
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Post by hoover »

1. B
2. E, C, A, F, B, D
3. B, C, D, A, F, E
4. Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Maya, 3DSMax, Premiere, Illustrator, Office, Shareaza, Filezilla, Keynote
5. A (when I get a job :D)
6. B, A, D, E, C

1. Always better to get the foundations down 1st then go nutz with rapid releases to try and get innovation happening
2. Again, get stuff working then move on to easier jobs
3. " " "
4. A lot of commercial stuff - which I am hoping will eventually be surpassed as industry standards by open equivalents (eg: GIMP, SVG, Bluefish/Quanta, Blender, Inkscape, ...)
5. Yeah I could probably donate when I get some cash together. For all those people saying they cant send hardware because its too big etc... sell it on ebay + donate the cash = Better than nothing.
6. Make the site look better as well - maybe different colors or just a little more stylish. I don't like the aqua/green so much, and it kind of reminds me of the mac style without as much style.
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Re: OFFICIAL POLL: *Your* priorities.

Post by Blaskowicz »

IMHO, as a mere user who toyed a bit under QEMU

1) B
2) A, B : network, because a PC without network is nearly useless nowadays, and sound because a mute PC is quite boring too.
And C for the drivers needed to do A and B.
3) C, and I have the feeling that C => A :)

4) the killer app for me would be Half-Life (and CS 1.5), first in software rendering, then opengl, sound, with lan/internet play support. then maybe Steam support.

5) $$ : A, small paypal donation

6) E. I think it's a question of time and work, once ROS will be useful it will really grow.
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Post by Quigs »

1. B
2. F, C
3. B, C, D, F
4. Gentoo like source based installation thingy.
5. A, but in the event I win the lottery ReactOS => (D*100).
6. A, D&E=> Autoupdate feature.
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Re: OFFICIAL POLL: *Your* priorities.

Post by StringCheesian »

A, F, E, games, E, A
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