About virtual memory manegement in Windows

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About virtual memory manegement in Windows

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Hello. I've been thinking a bit about all the misinformation that floats arround about how swapping works in windows (up to XP, at least). As people here know a lot about windows internals, it's possible that you can tell me the truth (at least, as far as that knowledge exists in the wild).

Why the hell does windows have to use a lot of swap memory, even when the main memory is not full? Is it because of the disk cache? Or is it because of some lazy-loading feature for executables?
The first one seems more logic. However, if it's true, I don't understand why windows does not try first to use the available memory for loading executables, and only then think about using it for disk-caching. I mean, Linux also uses all the unneeded physical memory in disk-caching and does not use the swap space intensively.
The second one seems miserably dated. In the days of above-4GB physical memory amount, it makes no sense to save 1 or 2 megabytes in physical memory pages by not loading. some parts of an executable file.

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