99 man effort.

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Re: 99 man effort.

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The idea which dark mentioned, namely, "If it switches from people working on specific applications to people working on general parts and many applications starting to work, then I'll believe there's significant progress," is something to which I fully consent. That is the very idea of an OS, is it not? Besides, if ReactOS shall be used to drive all those little dirty custom-written applications which most companies in one way or another have and use, then this is a MUST, for they will certainly not wish to send them over so that they could be made to work.

Historically... how shall I say. Surely, going for a hydrogen drive already in 1910 would have saved us a lot of climate discussions right now. But it was just way too complicated, and the "quick and dirty solution" actually drives our civilisation - only now are new developments gripping a foothold.

Lead-free water-pipes are better than water-pipes made of lead... but then again, it was possible once upon a time, with the help of lead, to have water-pipes AT ALL.

Multics had funny ideas... until people got fed up with waiting for it, and then Unix got popular. Then it was "perfected" into Plan 9... but then, there was already the popular solution Linux, so Plan 9 just vanished into obscurity.

Microsoft knew early on that something like the Windows NT series is "the true thing" for them... but they needed the Windows 3x and 9x series to get popular, and they did (to shorten the story I ignore OS/2).

With one word: developing 50 years in order to get the holy grail will not bring you anywhere. You need success NOW. And success is not "ported applications to ReactOS", for that is what Linux does. You need something that will run practically ANY reasonably well-behaved application.

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