Legal questions

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Legal questions

Post by phy_lbc »

Did this official statement ever get posted? ... 11580.html

What is the official policy on who can contribute code to what areas? It seems that every time it gets mentioned, nobody has given a very clear explaination about it and I'm still a little confused.
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Post by hto »

It seems that nothing has changed since then.
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Re: Legal questions

Post by EmuandCo »

Simple. If you have/had access to specific areas of MS Windows Code, then you are not allowed to writ code in these areas of ROS. You may document these parts for us and another dev may use these documentation, but thats it.
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Re: Legal questions

Post by livestrong2109 »

It's reverse engineering 101 only virgins can code clean code, but those with experience and exposure are allowed to document the workings of a component.

It's been this way ever since compaq reverse engineered the IBM rom-bios.

It's the only way to ensure clean non-pirated code.
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