RosBE version question (linux or source > 1.4.2)

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RosBE version question (linux or source > 1.4.2)

Post by steveh »

In the wiki of the download links for the stable
RosBE windows 1.4.5
RosBE linux 1.4.2
are given.

Does RosBE project have a download repository where i could find a linux version newer than 1.4.2?

Or is a downloadable zip / 7zip archive of RosBE source code available, which i can compile myself?

Even if they are not finals, or only sources that i would have to compile myself...
Or can i merge RosBE linux components / sources from the reactos trunk (RosBE linux in tools)
and compile them myself?

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Re: RosBE version question (linux or source > 1.4.2)

Post by Haos »

Links there should point to the newest version available. I think there will be a ROSBE 1.5 release for both linux and windows, bringing them up to sync, but it needs at least few weeks more. If you are interested in details, try to catch Colin_Finck on irc, he is the linux rosbe maintainer.

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