ReactOS not spreading as fast it should (start campaign)

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ReactOS not spreading as fast it should (start campaign)

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Sory for repost, since previosu post was in wrong forum
ReactOS not spreading as fast it should

Hello all

As far I see, React OS is the very first effort of saving people from monster MS. Extensions like Wine, David Project, etc have been developed but no one accepted challenge before ReactOS. I salute the guys who thought this must be done. This project is purely like a life-saving drug. Now when LognHorn has become a buzzword, all big software companies and we (developers) were afraid that may be a big percentage of MS window users shift to that, but after finding this site I feel secure, when there is no concept of existing winapi in LongHorn Os coming in 2006-7 (don’t know), then first I thought all existing hardcore developers going to hell, what are they going to do who live on programming, but thanks to GOD I found this site, and thanks to GOD I was wrong. Now think how many people will shift to LongHorn? Here in Pakistan there are many companies still running win95 and they do not want to shift to new, why? because it is meeting their requirement, and about 50% desktop users still using win98. For them I think ReactOS is the big big support. and I am sure if we (ReactOS lovers) take it serious and try spreading it just like FireFox Browser, we can get that Monster Down, and we (webmasters) start a big campaign upto and after arrival of so called LongHorn, that we try telling everyone about ReactOS, not forcing them to use but letting them know that they can save a huge amount of money as well as use the same environment in more faster way.

Huge Monsters always stay in path of Heros

1. Are the ReactOS developers aware of issue of software patents spreading like wildfire? As in Europe (I heard of that but not 100% sure), which will eat up opensource.

2. Are the ReactOS developers willing to update it as long as window users wish to shift and still want to use it?

3. Will more and more compatibly issues be taken into consideration and taken serious so that future ver of ROS runs Adobe PhotoShop and Flash MX?

4. Will ReactOS aims towards provision of support for GTK+ applications that already run on windows 98, XP etc?

5. Will a default development environment be provided for c/c++ developers?

As I read in some other topic, ROS requires plain C code to be included as part of project (any useful application), if you force developers to code in C instead of C++ will that be good for existing c++ winapi developers? would they like to shift back to huge huge source files? As far I, NO, because programs that must be available to the users who are willing to work with ROS only, only need application running perfectly and meeting their requirements. YES, as far backend architecture of ROS I am in favor of using C instead of C++, or may be pure Assembly code will make it robust, but finding pure platform specific ASM developers today is like searching for needle in dark.

Think of getting 50% or atleast 10% of windows users shifting to ROS permanently. This happens if campaign is healthy. Some people will laugh on above comment and say how the hell that big number of window users can shift to ROS, but I say, things do happen. Do you (reader) want to have an OS that is not allowing you to copy a file to floppy and/or letting you save data as plain file? Or, are you willing to pay some more $s just to get exhausted? OFCOURSE NOT. So in my view, best is, support and spread ROS. This can only and only be implemented if the readers, webmasters, opensource users, people surf on clan sites/forums, people who develop software for windows platform, people on IRC servers, etc write up a simple page telling people how can they get rid of paying $$$$$s to MS just for nothing but tension, alongwith highlighting core features, speed, flexibility, most importantly, more and more screenshots, and they but a link back to ROS site.

As far me, I am going to start it rightaway, and put the link to ROS on all of my sites, alongwith, I will also tell the people through my newsletters that I send for my community sites. (I will not mention my sites so that it is not taken as Spam, they will automatically come in google when you search for ReactOS).
EVEN If, nobody is willing to help me spreading this idea and helping me to boost this campaign. I know ROS since a month and am fully confident it will save lives.

But before starting the said campaign in full fledged mode, ROS must contain atleast number of default utilities and applications that are in win98, so that regular users do not find ReactOS lacking default things. More and more support for hardware especially for modems so that people can keep in touch with ROS updates though ROS.
Page is the key to attract user
I am creating a page about info on ROS and will refer everyone towards it I meet in daily life. Atleast from my buddies I will bring 95% people to ROS.

Being Straight Forward: I am not willing to pay to Microsoft anymore, and will not let people fall in it as much as possible. And it is quite possible that I open an office for 100% ROS support right in front of Microsoft product shop in my city.

I have ordered a brand new Laptop to run ReactOS. Lets see if I can compile all the pure winapi based application on ROS and run them perfectly.


I Again Thank and Salute the people who started this project.

Let us help each other spreading ROS before the wildfire takes all of us.

Ali Imran

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