Please donate für full USB Support !

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Please donate für full USB Support !

Post by wildschwein »

Hi there,

I found out in the german discussion, that full USB Support depends mainly from how many people donate for it.
Things are already not that bad, because 1000 Euro are needed, and about 200 are already donated.

It's possible to select a purpose for a donation in your bank transfer form e.g. "ROS - Donation for USB Support".
Then you donation goes explicitely in this part project.


If YOU WANT something, you must help in that way you can ! If you can't help with coding, nor with testing because of no time (like me) so you can thing about donating some money.

To not be only a gossiper, I by myself donated some money for USB and will continue doing this in the next time. e.g. 5 Euro is very great ! Only 160 Ros-fans need to give 5 Euro, then Elledan will hopefully go and advance USB Support that it is fully functional !

The destination comes near, and we all can achieve it TOGETHER !

(P.S: Germans can easyly donate with a normal german "Überweisung" to a german bank account" -> Look on ROS start page, on the right side, there you can see "Donations", and there you can find the german bank account data

Greetings from Wildschwein !

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Re: Please donate für full USB Support !

Post by shjacks45 »

If you follow the Linux OS-on-a-Stick and other troubleshooting discussions you would see that USB compatibility depends on Vendor adherence to USB Standards, which is sloppy and voluntary. Not to mention that many non-Legacy USB devices are "Win" devices with a USB interface but the "hardware" funcionality is accomplished in software. Getting Vendors such as HP, Canon, ASUS, Intel, VIA, et al into the fold would help.

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