Question about Xbox port of ROS

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Question about Xbox port of ROS

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Since the new Xbox 360 uses a totally different processor than the original Xbox (PowerPC-based instead of Intel), what will happen to the Xbox port? Will it be re-ported or abandoned?

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My guess is that, as far as the ReactOS project is concerned, the XBox 360 will be pretty much completely ignored. At least for quite a while, probably until someone like finds a way of bypassing whatever protection it has and getting Linux to run on it without having to use a soldering iron.

By this time I would guess that the XBox version will have made a lot of progress, and ReactOS would be able to run on it, and have USB keyboard/mouse support.

I suspect that whatever happens, the XBox 360 port would be considered as a completely separate project, and not have any effect on the original XBox port.

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