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Hmm maybe better idea would be to reactivate splash and do sublanguage domain like wikipedia is .
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traffic ?

Post by forart »

I found this really interesting website:
Wine Traffic

It would be great to have a ReactOS-traffic (and localized, why not...) !

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Post by Sami »

I have started something called: "National announcements" in wiki. But, before starting to actually use it, we must have comments from developers, if it is OK!

Any comments are welcome!

Anyway, if we start to use this "National announcements", the announcement of 0.3.0 release could be the first to start.

What you can do now is to join in one of the groups (or create new) and list national contacts that will be informed, when new announcement is released... ... ouncements

Note: We will not start to send anything before we have green light from developers!
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